1. ASN is a private owned company and is not affiliated with any school.
  2. ASN does not sollicit donations for school from third party benefactors.
  3. ASN generates revenue from companies that sponsor the Schools Groups on its plaform, and donates 70% of these sponsorship funds to schools as the sole benefactor.
  4. ASN provided schools with unrestricted access to their respective School Groups to monitor the level of participation of sponsors and revenue. 
  5. ASN does not allow subscribers to publish any pornographic or sexually explicit content on its platform.
  6. ASN does not allow any bullying, discrimination, disrespect or other practices by subscribers that go against our community standards.
  7. ASN reserves the right to delete the profile of any subscriber who does not comply with our terns us use or communty standards.
  8. ASN shall donate 70% of all revenue generated from School Group Sponsors to participting schools, on a monthly basis.