About ASN

What is ASN?

Schools around the world are in dire need of additional funding as the budgets of governments and benefactors have been impacted for many years by the recessive times faced by the economies of all countries. 

Needlless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic has also exaserbated the financial woes of schools.

With this in mind, the management of Alumni Social Network (ASN) has launched an innovative initiative, aimed at raising millions of dollars each year from corporate sponsors to make substantial donations on a monthly basis to participating Elementary/Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities worldwide. 

ASN is also an effective social media platform designed to boost Employment, Recruitment, Business and Investment opportunities for our alumni and student communities on our platform.

It is FREE to present students and the alumni of all schools to subscribe. 

The ASN platform was launched in Feb 2021 and is funded by BPMS Inc.

Our Fundraising Strategy

As part of our business model, we invite subscribers to create groups for their schools on the ASN platform. Eventually every school in the world will be represented by a group on our platform.

We then invite the alumni and present students of each school to subscribe free to the platform and join their respective school group(s).


Companies worldwide are then encouraged to sponsor the school group(s) of their choice to boost the exposure and visibility of their products and services to a captive global audience of ASN subscribers.

Sponsors are also motivated to participate by the knowledge that 70% of their sponsorship funds are donated directly to the school(s) of their choice.

The cost of sponsorship is just US$ 75.00 per month or US$ 750.00 per year.

Donations To Schools Worldwide

The management of ASN donates 70% of all revenue generated from School Group Sponsors to the respective schools.

Below is a breakdown of the donations each school is expected to receive, based on the number of sponsors

5 Sponsors - US$262.50 Per Month
10 Sponsors - US$525.00 Per Month
25 Sponsors - US$1,312.50 Per Month
50 Sponsors - US$2,625.00 Per Month
100 Sponsors - US$5,250.00 Per Month

Each school groups can have multiple sponsors.

Donations are made directly to the management of the schools, on a monthly basis.

Purpose Of Donations

The management of schools are required to submit a report to ASN on the use of the donations received. There must be full transparence and accountability for the use of the funds donated by ASN.

Below are some of the areas where donations can be placed.

School Renovations/Repairs
School Equipment
Medical Bills Of Students, Alumni Or Teachers
Helping Underpriviledged Students/Alumni
Educational Incentive Programs